Jonathan Shapiro- Fragmob

Sebastian is an expert in channel strategy and social commerce including thought leadership, strategy and execution. He is a talented speaker appearing at many large conferences and has been an invaluable resource for Fragmob and industry clients. As retail, e-commerce and direct sales business models continue to evolve, you will want to engage with Sebastian for his keen understanding, tremendous tactical experience, and talent for leveraging market trends.

His style is direct and engaging. I recommend Sebastian to any firm or executive looking to develop and execute innovative channel strategies, retail strategic plans engineered for accelerated growth, and an optimized social commerce experience.

Jonathan Shapiro, CFA, CPA, Co-founder, President & CFO | Fragmob, Inc.

ICG Marketing


As a key member of MENG’s National Board of Directors, Sebastian has created some very effective programs and impressive results. His natural leadership, laser focused approach and overall business acumen has been instrumental to our success. He is a polished executive who can both assess and prioritize a situation, as well as pull together the necessary resources to reach the desired outcomes.

Sebastian’s executive leadership and intervention abilities would be a tremendous asset to any other Boards or organizations interested in growth and moving themselves forward.

Joey Iazzetto, Chief Growth Officer ICG Marketing | Chairman MENG BOD

Sebastian is a trusted advisor to executive management teams and recognized expert on social commerce, direct sales models, and business & technology evolution focused on sales conversions. He is both visionary and accountable, with a strong history of driving business growth.

Scott Steer, Director Branding & Promotion The Miller Group

Janet Therese- Univera, Inc.

Sebastian's extensive and diverse expertise has made him a valuable partner to Univera during the execution of major initiatives. I have complete trust in his guidance and would not hesitate to work with him again on future projects!

Janet Therese, VP Sales & Marketing Univera LifeSciences

Sebastian has a personable, relatable approach and has the ability to see the big picture, work with the executive sponsors and to formulate an appropriate business solution, strategy or roadmap.

Kris Shenk, CIO & VP of Technology Cabi Clothing

Sebastian has been an advisor since 2012 and I have found his services to be invaluable. His expertise covers many dimensions that include governance, talent, organization structure, VC funding, and technology. Sebastian's extensive due diligence of a company's business model is valuable preparation for his introduction to the industry's top VC firms. Because he is a veteran of the direct sales industry, Sebastian uniquely understands what drives field behaviors. He has a command of process, and designs technology solutions specifically tailored to a company's business model and desired outcomes. He serves with integrity, and I recommend Sebastian and DSXgroup highly. I will most certainly engage him on future initiatives.

Frank Borst, President & CEO Masterpiece Consulting, Inc.

Ron Billock- Univera, Inc.

Univera was embarking on a solution selection for an industry specific ERP system. As a known expert in the Direct Sales market, I hired Sebastian to provide an independent market overview of applicable solutions with a top 3 recommendation. Now that our selected solution is fully deployed and as we look back on our due diligence of the market we found Sebastian's analysis to be 'spot-on' as well as clear and concise. Sebastian was both very professional and very personable and a pleasure to do business with especially when getting such accurate results. He has reaffirmed to me that he is very much an expert in the Direct Sales business as well as the technology that supports it.

Ron Billock, CIO Univera, Inc.

Aaron Brotherton- Nautilus, Inc


Sebastian is an amazing resource for direct selling & social commerce methodologies, strategies, and models. He is undoubtedly one of the most well versed thought-leaders in this category with the practical experience to support his tactics and approaches. I would recommend Sebastian without hesitation to anyone interested in this space. After engaging with Sebastian in numerous strategic sessions at Nautilus, I can attest he is a talented speaker and presenter capable of connecting with all levels of an organization through the C-suite.

Aaron Brotherton, Sr. Director of Marketing, Nautilus Inc.

Sebastian is a high acumen business professional with significant expertise in creating and implementing solutions that drive measurable impact on revenue and growth. He provides exceptional value and delivers results in critical situations where influence and executive intervention are necessary. I consider him to be a trusted advisor that operates with a high degree of integrity and strongly recommend working with him.
Great Results, Expert- Hired Sebastian multiple times since 2007.

Peter Cartwright, Owner | Pacifix Consultants ltd UK

Sebastian is an extremely knowledgeable individual with vast amounts of experience in his field. His methodologies applied to retooling the company’s business model was absolute perfection all the way around. I highly recommend Sebastian for his wisdom and wealth of knowledge.

Michael Beydler, Chief Technology Officer at Shurebusiness

Asics America Corporation


Sebastian’s outstanding ability to develop trust, confidence, and very effective C-level client relationships consistently provided a strong foundation to achieve initial and follow-on project successes. He is a well respected professional that demonstrates a keen understanding of business and technology alignment initiatives. He has a strong talent for marshalling resources and leverages his team management skill sets to achieve results for the benefit of his clients and his company. Consequently, Sebastian’s honesty, integrity, and critical ability to assess and manage risk has proven invaluable on many occasions where unique situations demanded immediate turnaround or mitigation; Ultimately leading to stronger client relationships and additional multi-phase engagements. He is a critical asset in any high-profile environment.

Dave Robbins, PMO ASICS America Corporation

I worked with Sebastian for many years as a senior consultant to the direct selling industry. I enjoyed and admired working with him because the relationship building component was always a #1 priority with him - not just doing the project. Establishing long term relationships and nurturing them into effective partnerships were absolutely critical to Sebastian at all times and represent a key factor in his business development successes. Once a situation was assessed as to next steps, Sebastian would send in a team that not only delivered the highest degree of skills sets and talent - but also blended with the culture of the organization because he understood the critical importance it contributed to overall project execution. Once project teams were in place, Sebastian oversaw the process from start to finish and created an ROI that gave the client complete satisfaction- continuously generating multiple phases of follow-on engagements. Clients not only learned how to improve their business processes, but also gained a better understanding of industry best practices and the advantages of an optimized business model.

Michele McDonough, Owner McDonough Consulting


I've worked with Sebastian through several complex contract negotiations during our multiple engagements. He has always been very approachable and professional. Sebastian is a skilled negotiator, treats the process with a high degree of integrity and has been upfront with me and respectful with regards to delivering successful win-win solutions.

Janine Graziano-Full, CPCC, ACC | HR Director Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Inc.

Michelle Larter - IMN, Inc.


Sebastian is a strategic leader and very supportive of the autonomy his team needs to thrive and deliver results. Consequently, he is a true visionary regarding the development of client-centric programs and solutions to help organizations and individuals achieve superior results. Programs implemented by Sebastian did more than just generate revenue for IMN - they contributed measurable results and hard ROI for his clients.

Sebastian's acute knowledge and industry experience of domestic/international companies and supplier vendor relationships uniquely contribute to his ability to create successful strategic partnerships, effective solutions and new market positioning. Much of his success is predicated on his ability to leverage his significant broad-based business and technology expertise working as a top consultant to many high-profile companies for the benefit and value of his clients. He is highly regarded as a well connected and active advisor in the industry and I welcome the opportunity to work with Sebastian at any time.

Michelle Larter, Director Worldwide Direct Selling IMN, Inc.


Sebastian brought us great insight into the direct selling industry and was able to pinpoint our needs and provide concise, cost effective and time sensitive solutions to our challenges. He also provided us with a global overview of our needs and the perfect partnership for our growing business. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity- Hired multiple times since 2010.

Frances Gadbois, CEO Sloane Street

Michael McDevitt - Medifast, Inc


Sebastian is an extremely well rounded executive, whom I would consider an industry expert in direct selling. His relationship skills help him to excel both internal to the business as well as with the field leaders. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative - Hired multiple times at Medifast since 2005.

Michael McDevitt, CEO Medifast, Inc

I have had the pleasure of working with Sebastian Leonardi on a large and complex business solution for a MLM company which included software systems selection and acquisition, business process improvements, system implementation and benefits measurements. Sebastian is a master in managing client relations at all levels, from the executive ranks to middle management. He understands what to do to bring the business solution to life with the expected benefits to the client. Sebastian helped me as the program manager to focus on the tasks at hand. I look forward to working with or for him again in the future.

Gunnar Eriksen, Practice Director - BTM Corporation

As an Executive Recruiter who works with a broad swath of Executive Leadership, I have first hand experience regarding disposition, demeanor, attention to detail and most importantly the ability to attract Top Flight talent to an organization. It's not unreasonable to predict an executive’s management style as good bad or indifferent, by the way they conduct themselves throughout the interview process. What separates Sebastian from the rest is his attention to detail, timely follow-up and genuine interest in both the candidates he’s interviewing and the work of his suppliers are providing. If one of the hallmarks of a great executive includes leading and inspiring their team, then look no further than Sebastian.

Rick O'Connell, Practice Director | Mobile Marketing, MRI-The Boston Group, Inc.

Endeca Technologies

Sebastian’s main mission in life is to help his customers achieve success. He accomplishes this by building genuine relationships with his clients, understanding their unique needs, and providing them with tremendous business value as a trusted C-level advisor. As a world class expert on direct selling and how to optimize network growth and revenue by leveraging information technology, I’ve seen Sebastian repeatedly deliver breakthrough results for his customers regardless of their size or growth stage.

Philip Werner, Director of Product Management - Endeca Technologies, Inc

Kevin McAhren - Repstars International, Inc.


Sebastian is an amazing individual, both personally and professionally. He is very passionate about what he does, always open to listen, learn and lead by example. He is always ready to help people in their own pursuit of success, using his network and the positive karma which he projects. I am inspired by his strength towards building partnerships and his appreciation of long-term relationships. Sebastian has been invaluable to Repstars' success.

Kevin McAhren, CEO RepStars International

Sebastian is a creative, experienced marketing executive. He has extensive expertise in e-communications and marketing in the direct selling industry and has helped our company achieve positive results. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Jeff Stroud, CEO Private Quarters, Inc.

Gold Canyon Candles


Sebastian has been a great partner for us in our eCommunication systems to our Demonstrators and our customers. He is very knowledgeable of the products that he provides and has years of experience in the industry and understands and develops to best practices. Sebastian does an amazing job of putting the client first. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Curt Waisath, CEO Gold Canyon

TechPoint Ventures


I have had the opportunity of collaborating with DSXgroup in several business situations where Sebastian has consistently shown strong creativity, drive and capability to develop new market opportunities. Sebastian has a proven ability to bring recognized name accounts into an organization’s client base as he applies good strategic thinking, fair contract negotiating skills and counts on an extensive network of professional contacts. He has great consultative skills in management and technology fields, excellent presentation and can manage all phases of a project from kick-off through execution.

Pierre Jean, Managing Director Techpoint Ventures

"DSXgroup has provided exceptional consultative value on strategic planning, direct selling market analysis, sales forecasting and optimized system design. We are excited to have Sebastian working with Cylliance to create and evolve business growth opportunities to maximize ROI, execution and business-driven results through innovation and an optimized system offering for direct selling clients. His experience, knowledge and accomplishments are among the very best in the entire industry and we are proud to be working with him. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity"

Tom Lerch, CEO Cylliance Corporation