Client Engagement

Client MeetingWe don't work with everyone. We only engage with companies we're confident will be proud examples of successful collaboration.
Let’s be honest. All relationships are not created equal. Honesty, integrity, commitment and culture are all part of the chemistry that binds clients and partners. Successful engagements are built on mutual respect and trust.

Let’s get to know each other. If the chemistry is there and we believe in your cause; we will marshal our resources, thought leadership, expertise and our network to meet your goals.

Client RelationshipsClient relationship management is at the heart of what we do.

Our reputation is predicated on creating trust and building long-term mutually rewarding relationships for the benefit, value and future success of our clients.

We work diligently to ensure our resources are dedicated to delivering a measurable positive impact to your bottom-line.

Referral Program

Typically, we like to engage with partners in a close and mutually rewarding relationship where our collaboration will benefit clients and those in our network. If you are a company, we invite you to contact us at: Partnership Development to explore a truly reciprocal experience.

If you are an individual and know of an opportunity that we should explore or of a company that can benefit from our mutual association, we invite you to contact us at: +1.855.DSX.GRP1

Client Log-in

Client Support

We believe in having frequent communication with our clients. If you are a current client and are in need of assistance, you can contact us at any time through any available channel.

You can also reach us directly through our dedicated email and phone number specifically for clients:

+1.855.379.4771 ext.101

Email Us at: Client Services