DSX is Your Single Source Solution Provider

We engage with growth-oriented companies to develop innovative channel strategies, business opportunities and expedited Go-to-Market Strategies that Drive Sales, Conversions and Accelerated Growth.

  • Interim CXOINTERIM EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENTAugment your team with expert resources when zero learning curve is necessary and time to execution is critical.
  • Business Development OutsourcingBUSINESS DEVELOPMENTWe partner with select technology providers to accelerate sales, market entry and new customer acquisition.
  • TurnaroundTURNAROUND & INTERVENTIONWe work closely with executive management to assess, intervene and execute an effective turnaround strategy to get your company back on track.
  • Direct Sales NetworkDIRECT SALES MARKETWe work with founders and executives to optimize the channel, drive sales, market growth and network velocity.
  • Associate Network CommerceASSOCIATE NETWORK COMMERCEIncrease sales and market penetration by leveraging millennial trends and social commerce to accelerate brand awareness & experience.
  • Omnichannel Word of MouthOMNICHANNEL & WOMIncrease sales and repeat purchases by augmenting your omnichannel strategy with health & wellness consumable products and a Word-Of-Mouth driven sales initiative.
  • Nutritional Product DevelopmentPRODUCT DEVELOPMENTOur health & wellness practice experts develop nutritional supplements using the latest research and consumer trends.
  • Product FormulationFORMULATION & EVALUATIONWe are a single source solution provider for specially designed foods and nutraceuticals for your consumable product category.
  • Brand PositioningPRICE, PACKAGING & POSITIONINGMaximize your margins, sales velocity and brand value with regulatory compliant packaging and successful market positioning.


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