Sebastian Leonardi is an accomplished global executive and business strategist with 20 years of broad-based leadership in technology, consulting, and healthcare sectors. He has significant experience steering vision, innovation and leading accelerated growth initiatives for organizations focused on capturing triple-digit revenue, market share and profit from domestic and international markets.

Mr. Leonardi is a leading consultant and trusted advisor to executive management teams and recognized expert on innovative channel strategy, social commerce, business & technology alignment, and conversion-focused programs. He has an outstanding record of creating accelerated growth and has implemented innovative solutions for startups, private equity owned companies and multibillion dollar global conglomerates in North America and Europe.

Prior to his role as President of DSXgroup, Sebastian served as VP Worldwide for a leading private equity owned company where he was responsible for achieving top-tier provider status and dominating market leadership in less than 2 years.  During the same period, he expanded sales operations to the U.K., exceeded new market revenue projections by 533% and increased domestic revenue 340%, new customer acquisition 330%, prospect conversion 10X and user growth 20X.

Previously, he served as SVP for a leading management & technology consulting firm where he specialized in working with start-ups, turnarounds, and many of the fastest growing companies in the world. During his tenure, he was instrumental in defining industry best practices for achieving business & technology alignment and creating the due diligence template for business model assessments used by private equity firms to evaluate direct sales companies for M&A.

As President & Chief Business Strategist, Sebastian and his team partner with strong Consumer Brands, Social Commerce and Direct Response Companies, Technology Providers and Private Equity Firms to accelerate sales, conversion and growth by developing and implementing innovative channel design and model transformation strategies.

Sebastian is a frequent speaker at industry events; a published writer; innovator & founder of the Associate Network Commerce (ANC) Model and channel strategy; Co-founder of Social Marketing Automation (SMA) and; Pioneer of Gamification in the global direct sales market. 

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