Welcome to DSXgroup!

Welcome to DSXgroup!

Welcome to DSXgroup!

Our Mission

DSXgroup focuses every aspect of our consulting engagements and solutions on increasing revenue, conversion and new customer acquisition for our clients. By incorporating DSXgroup’s consulting services and revenue generating solutions, your company will benefit from the adoption of “enterprise-size” revenue focused philosophy, resources and actions that will contribute an accelerated, measurable impact to your bottom-line.


Places the highest priority on every client's unique needs, and:

Delivers significant, client-centric focused services and solutions to enable sustainable growth opportunities for clients- customized to fit each client’s specific business strategy and unique market environments.

Nurtures the integration and application of intellect, creativity, forward thinking and thought leadership in a professional atmosphere for the benefit of our clients.

Our Differences

When you  work with DSXgroup, you will observe a number of quantifiable differences and benefits for your organization:

Cost-effective & Innovative Services and Solutions.
We interpret, utilize and implement the same proprietary research, trends analysis and market methodologies that Fortune size organizations employ to grow businesses on national or worldwide platforms. DSXgroup provides clients with innovation, channel optimization strategies and cutting-edge business development solutions that you can afford.

Balance between research and executable plans. Although we utilize all available contemporary and proprietary research and analysis, we focus our time and resources on developing executable plans to empower and fuel your organization’s growth. As a result, you will find engaging DSXgroup to be more cost effective and our deliverables more practical and actionable.

Preference and Importance. While many traditional management consultancies prefer to compete for large contracts and work for blue-chip companies, large corporations, and Fortune size clients- DSXgroup concentrates on leveling the playing field for small and mid-size companies that do not have international clout and unlimited resources. We work to empower your company with the critical tools and intelligence you need to gain competitive advantage in the niche or overcrowded marketplace.

More than Advice. Many of the high-priced global consultancies that large corporations enlist stop their involvement at a conceptual level. DSXgroup recognizes that our value is most realized by our clients from the implementation of expert advice. We will help you execute our recommendations to assist in the realization of your vision- Success. DSXgroup is a true business development partner.

Customized services and solutions for your needs. DSXgroup puts clients’ needs first, and we will customize how we work with you according to your requirements. We will adapt our proven methodologies to each project’s needs, and work with the management team to tailor a solution that is the most suitable for you. We can work on a project basis or as an outsourced business development team for your company and we can structure our fees to include contingencies to maximize our mutual benefits.