Think Tank Ops

'Think Tank' Ops

Two of our fundamental values are our commitment to competitive intelligence and recognizing the trends and market forces that present significant opportunity for new sales and customer acquisition.

Think Tank Ops - Putting together the Global PuzzleDSXgroup strives to help your company compete at a higher level.  We focus on leveraging innovative channel strategies and market insights to keep you ahead of the curve and ultra-competitive.

Working with DSX to crack ‘New Channel DNA’ has been recognized by clients as a quantifiable competitive advantage.  As such, some of our clients (especially large recognized brands) like to keep their association with our firm ‘quiet’… at least, until their new strategy is executed.

Behind closed doors, we’ll ‘Think Tank’ with your team to whiteboard strategy and plot a path of least resistance to seize opportunity and accelerate your goals. Whether it’s the launch of a new product category or a refined approach to your sales and distribution channels, our team possesses the creativity, capability and experience in your market to avoid the status quo — stale, traditional tactics that kill time and make you wish you tried something else.