DSXgroup understands your organization’s critical need to deliver an immediate, positive impact to the bottom line.

Interim Executive Management

Business plan for marketing

Business plan for marketing

Executive Intervention

Business leaders and managers alike feel varying degrees of strain when negative issues or performance begins to hinder or stall an organization's momentum in the marketplace. Many times too often, companies that experience a loss of revenue, profit, or clients, tend to initiate drastic cost-cutting efforts that inevitably begin with layoffs or job position eliminations. Unfortunately, this usually 'immediate' decision has a resoundingly negative impact on employee morale and performance as fears of uncertainty and job security cascade throughout the company.

Change Focus

Our prime directive is to offer executive management services for clients surgically engineered to achieve success in our target markets. Our 'niche' is applying innovative strategies and unique market perspectives to achieve new customer acquisition, increased revenue and accelerated growth for our clients- and we lead by example. To assist your company, DSXgroup provides consulting executives as critical point solutions for interim management or as change agents to organizations whose current, or impending, market position demands immediate attention.

We integrate DSX best practices and knowledge resources within your organizational structure in an effort to effect positive impact in the most expedient manner possible- by placing a qualified, senior DSX consultant in an interim position to assist your executive team.

Positive Change- Positive Impact

Smart business leaders know that they can't always effect a positive change in their current business environment by utilizing the same tools, methods, or knowledge resources that are available to them internally. Invariably, the most valuable, and cost-effective contribution to an organization comes from "outside" the company. Utilizing a DSX Consultant as a catalyst to regain momentum and to deliver positive results has several key benefits for your organization.

Recognized Expertise & Focused Experience: DSX Executives are seasoned professionals with 20+ years of focused business and corporate relationship development, strategic marketing, executive management, and high-level consultative sales experience.

Zero Learning Curve: DSX Executives have extensive knowledge and practical application experience regarding every aspect of client-centric business development management, integration, and process improvement.

Immediate Impact: DSX Executives realize they are retained to deliver immediate positive results and a replicable, executable plan for long term positive impact.

Extensive Knowledge Resources: DSX Executives have the entire support of DSXgroup knowledge resources to assist them in making the most significant contribution to your organization.

Best Practices Implementation: DSX Executives utilize proven 'best practices' and leading-edge solutions derived from our proprietary research, analysis, and industry experience.

Fresh Perspective & High Energy: DSX Executives offer your organization the benefit of a 'fresh' perspective and contagious energy to motivate and lead your team to deliver unprecedented, results-oriented performance.

New Contacts & Extended Network: DSX Executives can provide an infusion of new contacts and an extended network to enable accelerated lead generation and prospect discovery.

Unprecedented Value on Investment: DSX Executives represent the best value and the highest rate of return on your investment for your company. Your organization can retain DSXgroup Professionals as consultants, independent contractors, or temporary employees depending upon your unique needs.

Putting a DSX consultant in place is a smart decision to make. Executive management will be confident that a seasoned professional with a proven record of success is assisting them with their management and business development issues; Employees will not be alarmed that a key vacancy has gone unfilled- and, their confidence in leadership will be reaffirmed by witnessing management's imperative to get the company back on track.