Private Equity – Due Diligence

Due Diligence:   Assessment | Audit | Turnaround

  • Interim ManagementInterim ManagementLeadership and key business area expertise when executive intervention is necessary or short-term vacancy exists due to change in strategy, turnaround, or transition.
  • Supply Chain & SourcingSupply & Sourcing OperationsDomestic & International supply optimization and ingredients sourcing for product innovation, expansion and margin preservation.
  • Product DevelopmentProduct DevelopmentProduct portfolio evaluation, product strategy roadmap and new product innovation for channel augmentation, revitalization of sales and new market penetration.
  • Regulatory ComplianceRegulatory CompliancePolicy review to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory compliance governing nutritional companies and sales of consumable products.
  • Labeling & Claims SubstantiationLabeling & Claims SubstantiationAudit of labels, packaging, content and communications to ensure mitigation of risk and regulatory compliance for claim substantiation.
  • Legal Affairs-OversightOversightExpert oversight for legal affairs and litigation supervision, management of outside counsel, review and process management for copyright & trademark registrations.
  • Social CommerceSocial Commerce StrategyEnsure your social commerce initiative is effectively aligned to maximize conversion, transaction and sales velocity.
  • Private Equity Due DiligenceChannel Strategy Assessment Identify, define and implement the business model structure most suited to leveraging a word-of-mouth social commerce initiative.
  • Brand PositioningBrand PositioningEnsure brand reputation and positioning delivers on brand promise and customer experience. Improve loyalty, customer acquisition and retention.