Outsourced Advisory

Outsourced Advisory Services

DSXgroup Executives are recognized leaders in their areas of expertise representing 150 years of combined experience in executive management, business model development, channel innovation, project execution, product development, brand positioning and sales strategy in multiple industries and market sectors. 

Outsourced Advisory Services Meeting

“We do our best to ensure you Know What You Need to Know to grow your company successfully and to compete effectively”

The DSX team leverages the value of our exposure to evolving models and market trends to keep you on a competitive path to sustainable growth. We make it our business to maintain a comprehensive understanding of business forces that shape opportunities to accelerate Sales, Conversion and Network Velocity.

Our objective is to advise and engage with clients to facilitate growth, mitigate risk and to assist in the development of tangential opportunities to drive customer acquisition, revenue and increased profit.

The ‘Active’ Advisory Advantage

Represents Balance between Expert Advice and Execution.  We utilize a consultative approach when working in an Advisory capacity. Through this process, we can identify and elevate issues you didn’t know existed to the corporate agenda. Consequently, we can actively engage by rolling-up our sleeves to expedite implementation or execution of key initiatives when existing client resources or skill sets are absent. 

OUR TEAM is comprised of highly-accomplished senior executives with deep expertise solving issues that challenges growth and sustainability in every business area. We recognize common attributes of effective solutions and apply best practices and lessons learned in applicable situations.

  • Multiple clients and engagements in the Health & Wellness sector (Direct Sales, Nutrition, Supplement, Weight Loss)
  • Multiple clients facing similar challenges and initiatives across different markets (e.g., Multicultural penetration & expansion, Strategic growth planning, International product sourcing)

DSXgroup makes it easy for you to make the right choice quickly. We’re experts in your market, your sales and distribution model, product development and growth strategy. We’re under one umbrella and we can begin right away.  To learn more, please click on 'Advisory Board Services'

We help you execute effectively to facilitate realization of your vision- SUCCESS


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