Legal Affairs


In every aspect of our engagement, we focus our efforts on mitigating risk, improving performance and executing on strategy to reach new milestones of success.

With specific regard to our practice areas in Health, Wellness & Lifestyle product categories, expert legal guidance is critical to maintaining compliance, reducing exposure, and ensuring business area alignment.  Our legal affairs lead regularly assists nutritional companies with contracts, copyright and trademark, litigation supervision, product label compliance, claim substantiation and regulatory issues to ensure they maintain compliance with the constantly changing regulatory landscape affecting consumable product category clients.

Core capabilities and competencies to effectively execute and manage regulatory compliance and claim substantiation initiatives:

Legal Affairs1)   Interim General Council

2)  Develop policies and procedures for risk management. Including but not limited to: Assessing compliance protocols and insurance coverage based on product types, sales, marketing, revenue levels and litigation potential.


Product Label Compliance3)   Coordinate with marketing teams to provide legal guidance on  labels,  web sites, advertising and collateral materials for regulatory compliance

4)   Provide oversight and coordinated management of outside legal firms to eliminate redundancies, reduce cost and improve productivity.


Due Diligence5)   Train staff on legal and regulatory matters to ensure the incorporation of proper processes so initiatives and new projects are executed in accord with legally compliant guidelines.

6)   Executing Due Diligence with regard to M&A, product line purchases, consumable product portfolio integration.