Incubation & Acceleration

Incubation & Acceleration

Developing a business model or executing a new channel strategy can be a costly, resource-intensive process. Even after formulating an optimal strategy, its introduction can seem daunting, whether a company lacks the time, financial resources or appropriate human capital to adopt a new model. DSX offers clients a solution to this challenge: Outsourcing our firm to develop, implement and manage a completely ‘turnkey’ social commerce experience for you…

Go-to-Market Launch StrategyOur team of experienced professionals will design and develop your new channel strategy and execute the implementation in-house at our firm. The benefits to you?

  1. Minimal resource impact and disruption to your existing team and operations.
  2. Low risk of ‘culture clash’ experienced by personnel when new, innovative channels are introduced.
  3. Expert execution and management with zero learning curve.

Our partnership will grant your company the power to adopt a new model while maintaining business as usual, avoiding unnecessary outlays such as wasted time and resources or the misallocation of human capital.

With experts managing every aspect of the incubation process, DSXgroup promises to nurture your new model, updating you periodically with our progress. In the end, we will present your business with our unique solution to stalled growth, a new source of unanticipated transactions via the WOM channel as a complement to your preexisting channels.

Incubation & AccelerationWhen ready for launch, our team immediately advances your model from incubation to the acceleration stage, continuing to extend our services to your company and modifying our involvement as necessary to ensure success. By entrusting DSXgroup to develop and modify our incubated channel strategy after its launch, your company circumvents a learning curve and mitigates associated risk and expenses.