Dr. Steven Witherly, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized expert in human nutrition and food science with more than 30 years of experience creating food and beverages, including “household name” products such as Slim FastTM, CoffeemateTM, and Instant BreakfastTM. He is a sought after lecturer, having given over 150 presentations to industry and consumer groups on nutraceuticals, herbal and botanical ingredients and sensory perception.

He has been a lecturer for the National Institute of Food Technologists and is the author of “Why Humans Like Junk Food”, (iUniverse 2007).  He is well known for his theory called “The Doritos Effect: What Makes Snack Food Taste Good” and appeared on the National Geographic special “EAT: The Story of Food” (October 2014).

Dr. Witherly has spent a significant portion of his career in the development of weight loss/weight management and sports nutrition products and is considered one of the leading experts in the formulation of these categories of products.   He began his career with Carnation Research Labs, serving as Manager of Scientific Research, where he was responsible for all clinical trials and primary interaction with the FDA in areas of labeling, nutritional claims and evaluations. Dr. Witherly subsequently joined the Nutrilite division of Amway as Director of Research and Development.   Supervising a staff of 120, he led the company’s initiatives to provide clinical substantiation for Nutrilite’s line of herbal products and nutritional supplements, drinks and health bars.

As Vice President New Product Development for Herbalife from 1997-2003, he designed products for over 50 countries, including the company’s largest market, Japan. Under his direction, the company performed cutting edge nutritional ingredient and herbal medicine research to provide strong scientific substantiation for its products.

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