Business Development Outsourcing

Business Development Outsourcing (BDO)


Business DevelopmentOur proactive business development solutions combine the significant, real-world experience of DSX executives with the latest intelligence on industry trends, client-centric sales & marketing methodologies and product-value positioning strategies, to help you increase revenue, shorten your sales-cycle and gain an accelerated competitive advantage in your marketplace.

The value DSXgroup delivers to your organization is measured by the immediate and long-term benefits you realize through the adoption and execution of our expert advice, successful strategies, programs and processes improvements- focused and dedicated to achieving a single goal: Increasing Your Revenue.

DSXgroup Knowledge Base
DSXgroup specializes in all aspects of the business development process to accomplish one goal: To put your company in the best possible position to increase revenue and grow your customer base.

We focus our experience and the power of innovative & integrated sales and marketing disciplines to achieve tangible results and a visible impact on the bottom line. Moreover, we support our clients in implementing project results, coordinating and transitioning change processes and training employees to manage integrated business development programs.

Initial Meeting
DSX Business MeetingDSXgroup management will meet with your executive team to explore and discuss your organization's business strategy and short-to-long term corporate growth initiatives and objectives. Subsequently, we will assess, analyze and benchmark your current business development environment to determine if your current structure and processes are the best-fit for your organization to realize current and future profitability.

Based upon all available information, in-depth exploratory discussions and DSXgroup's proprietary business development intelligence: DSXgroup will advise your executive team on your organization's current level of preparedness and effectiveness in reaching your overall revenue goals, sales objectives, target market penetration and industry awareness.

Focus on Driving Sales and Growth
Our leadership and business development professionals are at the core of our knowledge development. Drawing on strong industry relationships, extensive field experience and ongoing research; we analyze, interpret and identify trends and issues that are of greatest concern to our client’s business universe.

By disseminating and learning from experiences and best practices through multiple client engagements; we deconstruct past projects and refine methodologies in continuous cycles of improvement to deliver a streamlined approach and measurable results to our clients. Additionally, we share our research and ideas through publication and frequent participation in industry forums and provide thought leadership to our profession and the business community at large. DSX thought leadership and knowledge efforts align with our work to develop successfully integrated business development structures and strategies that correlate directly with the strategic initiatives and corporate growth objectives of our clients.

Our approach promotes the adoption and effective integration of client-centric focused processes that enable key departments within an organization to concentrate productivity and resources in manners that contribute directly to growth.

Achieving Unified Vision and Strategic Direction
Growth StrategyOur strength comes from the ability to apply “out-of-the-box” thinking, capitalizing on successful experiences of outside organizations with similar focus, and harnessing the understanding of pressures and issues from a broader perspective. We apply intelligence gathered from researching and analyzing markets, trends, competition, customers, and the intimate business objectives of your organization.

Consequently, we utilize what we learn to advise management of our findings, recommend process changes if necessary and assist you in mapping a tactical strategy to ensure business-wide adoption and successful implementation of an effective, client-centric business development direction.

In order for each department of your organization to “buy-in” and adopt to a refined client-centric business development process and maintain their accountability and direction toward maximizing ROI and focusing independent resources on initiatives that contribute revenue- executive management must be able to convey a unified vision and a tactical strategy for overall corporate growth objectives.

DSXgroup will help business leaders create a clear picture of their marketplace, competition and the needs and buying processes of prospective customers to reaffirm strategic direction and define the tactical plan. The result of this process is a plan and approach that can help ensure a company’s strategy can be turned into actions and accountabilities.

Creating Effective Client-Centric Selling Approaches
Our knowledge efforts are primarily focused on all aspects of the business development process and go-to-market models, including how to create integrated business development processes throughout your organization to maximize revenue generating capabilities, increase lucrative market opportunities, accelerate qualified lead generation, and provide effective channel design.

No area of marketing is changing more than the face of business development and sales management. Organizations evaluating their current business environments are embracing the opportunity to transform, and revitalize, their sales and marketing processes to take advantage of new technologies, sales channels, and client-centric methodologies.

Serving as a catalyst for evolution, DSXgroup combines expertise in business strategy and customer profitability with an in-depth understanding of clients’ fundamental sales and competitive market issues to address: Dynamic customer needs and requirements; Integrating client-centric sales models; Executive business development training; Evaluating relevant technologies, and; Instituting innovative go-to-market strategies.

Business Development: Strategy

Business Development Outsourcing

Accelerate Growth with DSXgroup BDO. Engaging DSXgroup to develop a Business Development Strategy & Framework uniquely designed for your company to penetrate the defined target market will provide the critical foundation, experience and processes for you to: Accelerate market entry; Engage in prioritized prospect interaction and pipeline development; Manage the sales cycle effectively to cultivate new opportunities; Focus and align Product Development to prioritize projects and create business solutions with high-value ROI correlated to new market requirements.

With an effective business development, product positioning and up-sell strategy; Your company should be readily capable of expanding its client portfolio to include additional DSA member companies and increase revenue from existing clients by driving product utilization and integrating value-add ROI focused capabilities through strategic partnerships. Additionally, DSXgroup can assist with creative pricing model adjustments that have the potential to yield additional increases in overall revenue and new subscription revenues to further enhance your company’s bottom-line.

Establishing proper market position with credibility and a refined value proposition in a finite, niche marketplace will be invaluable to your company’s short and long term plan for success.

Business Development: Outsourcing
Due to the various sales cycles, buying patterns and changing regimes in the executive ranks at prospective companies; it is prudent for your company to leverage professional sales resources with the critical expertise and zero learning curve necessary to infuse positive momentum and measureable results in the immediate business development process.

To maximize ROI and to realize your full potential for success, the business development initiative should be co-managed and led by a seasoned team with a proven record of market success and a highly accessible C-level network in place.

Consequently, your company will be in the best possible position to mitigate risk and the threat of improper exposure or representation from new hires (or other sales personnel) that may lack the necessary credibility, expertise and/or network viability to succeed in this unique market.

How We Work With You:
DSX Client Relationship

DSXgroup may be engaged to represent your services and solutions to accelerate market entry and new customer acquisition on a retainer and percentage of revenue basis.

For much less than the cost of hiring one executive, you can engage DSXgroup to represent your products or services in the market. Engaging DSXgroup will save your company considerable expense, maximize investment dollars, increase results and shorten your go-to-market timeline while accelerating pipeline development.