Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

Core to our team’s philosophy is the belief that your brand should permeate all aspects of the product or service you are delivering.

Brand MarketingBrands are of great significance to a large branch of today’s consumers: 77% of customers repeatedly buy from the same brands, and millennial shoppers, an important emerging demographic, are 1.75x more likely than baby boomers to say they’d be brand-loyal.

Our team places special emphasis on brand marketing, and brand positioning especially, to help your company attain high rates of revenue growth and improved market penetration. The success of the WOM channel relies much on endorsements within the physical and virtual networks of individual consumers, and it is essential for your company to bear a strong and unified brand that merits recommendation.

Optimally, a company’s brand promise should be transparent and universally included in its products’ content, graphics, price and packaging to avoid confusion. At DSX, we understand that eliminating dissonance between these different components of your product to achieve consistency of messaging is paramount to strengthening brand awareness and securing that ever-important customer loyalty.

Social Commerce TransactionsBetter brands understand who their customers are, what their customers need and how their customers are motivated and inspired, all while distinguishing themselves from their competition with constant innovation. DSXgroup helps companies align their brand strategy with the customer experience for the greatest results.

Our team also advises clients undergoing more intensive brand repositioning, with the goal to counteract revenue loss and reorient your company’s position relative to its competitors. As experts in your market, we know how to maximize your brand’s appeal, attracting new customers to adopt your brand and generating better market penetration for your company.