Gamification Demystified

DSXgroup’s Chief Business Strategist publishes new article entitled, ‘Gamification Demystified’

2012-11-01  Direct Selling News

“Of the most critical business areas specific to the contemporary direct sales business model, the areas of e-communication and e-marketing have experienced the greatest transformation.”

In order to motivate and incentivize individuals to convert by taking a specific action we often use promotions, special offers and even forms of recognition to reward those who respond to CTAs (calls to action). Creating a call-to-action “reaction” is the first critical step for moving an individual through the lead generation/capture funnel to a point of conversion.

Regardless of the type, mode or value of an offer (e.g., content, promise, reward), identifying behaviors that motivate individuals to act and incorporating those “motivational behavior triggers” in CTAs are key to promoting program success, increasing reactions, and most important, gaining a higher probability of conversion events. Although the process of incorporating “motivational behavior triggers” is relatively familiar to any company or executive focused on driving growth through sales and marketing campaigns, it is actually a powerful element of game design mechanics and it represents the basis of “gamification.”

Gamification Demystified- DSN Article Nov 01 2012To read Sebastian Leonardi’s full article, please click on Direct Selling News

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About SJLeonardi

Mr. Leonardi is president & chief business strategist of DSXgroup, LLC., a Connecticut-based boutique Management & Technology Consultancy that partners with Direct Selling Companies, Private Equity Firms, and Technology Solution Providers. He specializes in working with executive management of top companies to create and evolve business growth opportunities from a true customer-centric perspective to maximize ROI, execution and business-driven results.
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