Top 5 Social Media Mistakes Direct Sales Companies Can’t Afford to Make

DSXgroup works with direct sales CMO’s and CEO’s to translate social media marketing strategies into lead capture and conversion opportunities.  Closing the loop on social media communications is the single most important step direct sales companies can take to turn “likes” into “leads.”

Direct Sales Companies Must Turn ‘Likes’ into Leads to Maximize Social Media ROI

In a recent competitive analysis report, we looked at the social media properties of both large and small direct sales companies and found a pattern of gaps in the lead generation, capture and conversion funnels across the board.

SEO for Direct SalesThe top five mistakes direct sales companies are making in their social media marketing:

1. Missing searchable YouTube Video Titles and Tags. YouTube is not just a video platform. It is a search engine owned by Google. Think about how your ideal customer is searching for information online and help Google and YouTube serve you up to those highly motivated leads as a top option by using keyword rich titles and long-tail keyword phrases in your descriptions and tags.

2. No keyword rich descriptions to the Pinterest Accounts, Pins and Boards. The recurring theme here is for direct sales companies to put themselves into the consumer’s shoes. What are they searching for when they are most likely to buy your products or services? Do they search “fun colors,” or do they search “decorative ideas for my apartment?”

3. Hard to find or missing social sharing options on website homepages. When a potential client or consultant visits your website, make sure they know how to also connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Put your social icons “above the fold” on your website. Include the social sharing widgets on both your “opportunity” page and on each product page.

People have come to expect an easy solution for telling others about you, your business and your products. When they share, they create viral awareness, demonstrate social excitement and virtually endorse your business.  Make it easy for them to do so.

4. Absence of a lead capture offer directly on social media sites. Every direct sales company should include a lead capture offer on their Facebook page and their website. Help customers and leads come into a deeper conversation with you. People who take the action of signing-up for something are your most highly pre-qualified leads.

5. Making the potential customer work too hard to find the “buy now” option. Social commerce is now so easy through social media that not offering it creates an extra step that consumers are likely to skip. Don’t make them leave Facebook to do business with you.

DSXgroup puts the missing piece back into the puzzleMake it easy for people to find, follow, friend, buy and engage with your direct sales business both in your corporate properties and at the consultant level by closing the marketing loop in your social media funnel strategy.

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Cindy Ratzlaff

About Cindy Ratzlaff

Ms. Ratzlaff is a Social Branding & Marketing Consultant for DSXgroup, LLC a Connecticut-based boutique Management & Technology Consultancy that partners with Private Equity Firms, Technology Solution Providers, Direct Selling and Multichannel Companies. She creates and implements integrated social brand marketing strategies, programs and key message communications designed to build social influence and new customer acquisitions. She has pioneered a methodology called Marketing 360, which is now widely emulated throughout the publishing industry. She was also named by Forbes as one of the “20 Best Branded Women on Twitter,” and is a regular contributor to Business Insider, Inc., in the areas of social media, branding and marketing.
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