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Direct Selling Vendor & Systems Selection

Direct Selling Systems Selection

Three simple truths:

1. The solution one company uses is not necessarily the right solution for another.

2. There is not one solution or system that does it all very well.

3. Technology by itself- no matter how sophisticated, is only half the equation.
Every year the ranks of direct selling services and technology providers are swelling with new, and not so new, technology offerings. 
What are the available technologies? Which vendor or solution is right for you? Should you build it, buy it or outsource it?


DSXgroup will help you choose the right vendor and solution by assessing your needs, defining your requirements, mapping them to resources, leading the vendor selection & negotiation process and providing risk and implementation oversight to ensure success.

What We Do: 

Lead executive team in adequately defining business requirements prior to executing vendor & systems selection processes for technology solutions. 

Execute the vendor & systems selection process based on defined requirements and lead contract negotiation for chosen solution.

Provide implementation risk oversight and vendor relationship management to ensure client expectations are met, vendor performs and adheres to agreed upon timeline and milestones and successful deployment is achieved.


Vendor Relationship Management

Vendor Relationship ManagementDSXgroup management has years of experience executing technology assessments, vendor & systems selections, program & project management, software implementations, negotiations and managing full-scale IT outsourcing initiatives for many leading direct selling industry companies.
We leverage our unique expertise to help you manage an effective and synergistic professional relationship with your vendor. DSXgroup can intervene on your behalf or engage through an outsourcing relationship where we will assume and oversee your vendor relationship and the success of your project.


Business & Technology Alignment

Business & Technology Alignment

Are projects completed on time and on budget? Are projects still valid by the time you go-to-market? 


DSXgroup has significant experience weeding through project portfolios to focus resources on high-priority initiatives.  We help you refocus your objectives, cut costs, stay on track, achieve project success and align technology systems & solutions with key business initiatives.

What We Do: 

Review and assesses the IT organization, prioritization of projects, current service level agreements and vendor and/or service provider contracts to mitigate excessive costs & spending.

Incorporate cost control measures, renegotiate agreements and reassess project priorities and performance as necessary to bring IT resources and expenses into alignment.

Assess and implements business & technology strategy to ensure IT’s capability to scale and support business growth and potential channel or international expansion initiatives.

Define business and technology needs specifically to support hyper-growth ahead of the momentum curve. 

Go-Live Readiness Assessment & Risk Mitigation

Once your new system is ready to launch or 'Go-Live'; it is prudent to execute a Readiness Assessment to re-evaluate potential risk issues and identify any red flags that may impact business operations.

Although issues may become evident soon after Go-Live, many take time to appear as various business processes complete their lifecycles. Identifying any potential red flags prior to 'flipping the switch' is the best way to mitigate or completely prevent serious issues from happening.

Project Risk & Implementation Oversight

Risk and Implementation OversightDSXgroup executes a pre-launch assessment of the critical business functions, functional requirements, continuity protocols and planned launch initiatives and compares them to defined system functionality and work flow processes expected post implementation.

Based on the assessment, DSXgroup will document any potential risks, red flags or other threat issues and provide client with recommended course of actions to mitigate risk and provide risk management oversight to ensure resolution.


Business Requirements Definition
Business & Technology Alignment
Go-live Readiness Assessment
Build vs Buy Analysis  
Vendor & System Selection
Contract Negotiation  
Vendor Relationship Management
Client Engagement Management  
Implementation Management  
Steering Committee Development
Risk Management Oversight