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Direct Selling Channel Design & Optimization

Direct Selling Association

The direct selling industry is no longer on the cusp of imminent change. It is in fact, currently in the process of evolution. How are the most successful, fastest growing direct selling companies staying competitive and continuing to drive network growth and revenue?

By streamlining: Business Models and Optimizing Channel Design by Embracing Innovation; Conversion-driven Programs; Available Technologies and Leveraging Social Marketing Automation to Fuel Momentum & Growth.

Direct Selling Business Model Assessment

The assessment identifies critical gaps in: Business Alignment; Processes; Organizational Structure; Infrastructure; Project Priorities, etc… and will yield a prioritized plan for mitigating risk and effecting immediate course corrections.

Our expertise is applied to domestic & international companies and has been leveraged to achieve: Business Model Optimization; Business & Technology Alignment; Turnaround; Project Success; Increased Recruitment; Retention, Revenue and Network Velocity.

What We Do:

Perform direct selling business model and individual business area assessments designed to review key departments, processes and drivers to identify current and potential issues that can or will contribute to slow growth, lack of momentum, field attrition, systems failure, negative impact on brand perception, etc...

Partner with client companies in an interim executive capacity to effect immediate change, positive impact and measurable results in situations where deep experience, expertise and zero learning curve are absolutely critical and essential to ensure success.

Execute a preemptive plan of corrective action and risk mitigation regarding identification of critical issues within the areas of: Organizational and Team Development, Sales, Marketing, IT, Order Fulfillment and Distribution.

Work in an advisory capacity with founders and executive management to manage and protect field perception and business growth in a multichannel business environment where the threat of channel conflict or cannibalization exists.

We make it our business to know how business is changing, what leading companies are doing and most importantly; what you should be doing to evolve, adapt and to compete effectively.


Lead Generation, Capture & Conversion

Lead Generation, Capture and Conversion

We advise DS Companies in the evaluation, development and implementation of strategic marketing and lead generation strategies to ensure capture & conversion programs are built on direct selling and e-communication best practices. 

DSXgroup works with executive leadership to develop and implement innovative solutions and e-communication programs specifically designed to drive recruitment, retention, conversion and increased sales.

Advise on the development and implementation of a ‘Communication Transparency’ program designed to promote field stability and retained momentum. The program establishes a ‘Corporate-to-field’ process for preemptively communicating and addressing current and/or potential business issues resulting from ‘Go Live’, business tools roll-out and large scale technology implementations.  The result is damage control and mitigation of risk, retention and re-captured loyalty of the field. 

Network Stability,Growth & Velocity

Network Stability, Growth and Velocity

Dynamic business environments and evolving market conditions are making it harder than ever for direct selling companies to gain competitive advantage through the traditional execution of existing recruitment and retention strategies.
While it is the intent of every direct selling company to grow quickly through successful recruiting initiatives; organizations need to be careful about counteracting field attrition issues beyond the normal lifecycle. Many companies experiencing fallout or above normal attrition levels tend to meet the problem with ramping-up accelerated growth initiatives rather than focusing on root cause and promoting field stability.
Positive trend, momentum and network velocity are predicated on reinstating field stability. Once stability is achieved, innovative social media and eCommunications programs can be leveraged to accelerate conversions and network velocity.

Organizing For Growth


Companies seeking to succeed in today’s market must be able to rapidly identify, mobilize, and modify existing processes and strategies to capture new growth opportunities.
By focusing on solution and program development that correlate with a client’s specific market strategy and organizational growth objective; DSXgroup assists clients with creating refined initiatives to capitalize on new opportunities to move the needle along critical business drivers.


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