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Social Media Marketing - DSXgroup, LLC

Social Branding & Social Media Marketing

No company can afford to ignore or minimize a medium that touches all levels of the sales funnel and all stages of the customer lifecycle. Incorporating social media into your traditional marketing and sales methodology and training is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s truly a “must have” capability for all organizations big and small. 
DSXgroup management has worked closely with many direct sales companies and other organizations in various markets to design and implement effective lead generation, capture and conversion strategies that leverage social media. 

We advise DS Companies in the evaluation, development and implementation of strategic prospect capture and conversion programs to ensure they are content-driven, conversion focused and specifically designed to drive Call-to-Action ‘Reactions’.


DSX Corporate Social Media StrategyBuild a Compelling Corporate Social Media Presence
The key to a solid, trust-worthy social presence is to seamlessly mirror your website’s brand image while integrating effective social media components. A successful social brand and ongoing engagement and timely communications will build awareness, credibility and brand equity in the marketplace.


We assist you in setting up an engaging and powerful social media presence to establish a leadership position in your industry.  We provide highly integrated and consistent brand imaging across key social media platforms such as:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn with branded visuals, designs and messaging. 


In short, we help you leverage the existing relationships you have with sales force by developing an engaging social media presence and outreach program, offering multiple social spaces where prospects and distributors can interact with your brand, and guide you in developing the know, like and trust factor by becoming a source of information, inspiration and education that puts your company on their radar when they are ready to make an informed decision.


 DSX Corporate Social Brand AuditCorporate Social Media Brand Audit

Become aware of what is being said about your company’s brand. Watch criticism, reviews, feedback, and pay attention to both marketing successes and failures.


Following a detailed client consultation, we evaluate your current social media sites through the lens of accomplishing your stated goals and objectives.  This phase also looks at your core brand messaging across all platforms and assesses consistency while looking for new opportunities to reinforce your brand identity and mitigate media fragmentation. 


  • We look at the number of email subscribers, distributors, followers, fans and friends, brand visuals, and social engagement of current of distributors, followers, fans and friends. 
  • We provide a targeted list of recommendations designed to increase both ambient and actual brand awareness, fan/follower/friend engagement and integration across all of your social sites and your brand website/blog. 
  • We evaluate up to three competitors (names of competitors is provided by client) to compare and contrast client messaging, social media engagement and positioning against said competitors.


Social Media Brand Audit – Implementation of Recommendations

This service consists in working together in the implementation and execution of the selected recommendations from the Corporate Social Media Brand Audit.  We suggest that you focus on social media and marketing activities that are in alignment with your overall corporate objectives for the next year.


Social media works best when it leverages and amplifies what’s already in place to accomplish your goals. We then incorporate the architectural and mechanical suggestions into a strategy designed to fulfill your goals which may include increasing brand awareness, distributor and fan engagement, introducing both print and website content to a growing social audience, encouraging distributors and social media fans and friends to also engage on the website and delivering special messages to the social media fans who will be nurtured as “insiders” worthy of product/service offers.



DSX Corporate Social Media EngagementCorporate Social Media Engagement, Management and Optimization

You have a Social Media Presence but your engagement is inconsistent and sporadic at best! In a recent R2 Integrated study, 85% of the companies with a strategy in place said that social media is innovative and invaluable to their business.


Conversely, some companies that didn’t have a strategy thought social media was pointless and not worth the investment.  Your success in social media depends on using 80% of your resources planning strategies, objectives and priorities 20% using the technologies, devices and tools and not the other way around!


We help you develop a Social Media Strategy and Actionable Plan to support your strategic objectives and initiatives including:


  • Developing an integrated communication and marketing strategy that speaks to the different social media communities
  • Cross-pollinating, leveraging and promoting across multiple platforms including your website/blog
  • Listening, monitoring and analyzing the marketplace
  • Engaging and interacting with distributors, fans, friends and followers to attract your ideal distributor/customer and turn distributors into brand evangelists
  • Using strategic keyword techniques to rank highly on Google and other search engines
  • Developing social clout, creating an editorial calendar, developing social media success metrics and creating and re-purposing content for social media use, and making social recommendations for your website/blog


On-Site Consultation with your Leadership Team

Not quite sure where to start with Social Media?  DSXgroup will get you on the right path, right away! One of our Social Media Practice leaders will spend the day with your Leadership Team to uncover your company’s strategic goals, objectives and initiatives and discuss how to align your stated objectives with a Social Media Strategy and Actionable Plan that will deliver tangible results.


Retaining DSXgroup Social Media Strategists

A monthly retainer is ideal for clients who are interested in hiring us in an advisory capacity to assist and execute initiatives in the following areas: Research; Advise on Product Launches; Brainstorm New Ideas on Leveraging Social Media or Social Marketing Automation to Drive Increased Engagement & Network Velocity; Monitor, Measure and Track Campaign Performance to Maintain Momentum; Provide Expert Recommendations and Effect Course Corrections, etc…




DSX Social Media Sales Force TrainingSocial Media Training – Basic and Advanced Levels (virtual or in-person)

We design customized virtual or in-person Social Media Training for your sales field and their organizations.


Social Media Training (Basic and Advanced Levels) for your independent sales force and their down line.  In today’s digital world, knowing how to use social media to amplify their business goals is as essential as knowing how to recruit and lead a team. Your company can take a leading role in ensuring that your sales leaders and their down lines have access to quality social media training.


Benefits to Class Participants:


  • Show participants how to brand themselves online
  • How to find, engage and attract their ideal audience/customers (beyond their immediate circle of family and friends)
  • How to create/find interesting content to share that will help them rise above the noise in a very crowded social media world
  • How to establish themselves as a go-to-person in their niche
  • How to connect with potential key players and influencers
  • How to find their unique personality within your organization
  • How to use social media in compliance with your company’s digital policy
  • How to energize their audience to take action

Benefits to Your Organization:


  • Create a passive, ongoing revenue stream
  • Maintain the integrity of the brand by teaching the community how to properly use social media in compliance with your company's digital policy
  • Create exponential social equity, brand awareness and buzz for your company by the collective and approved usage of your brand throughout social media
  • Take an active and leading role in providing the leadership team and distributors with social media training, an emerging essential skill set to have
  • Help establish closer relationships with leadership teams and distributors by offering social media training and support for the community  

SPEAKING Engagements


Keynote, Virtual or In-Person

DSXgroup Speaking Engagements

DSXgroup’s social media practice leaders are experienced and sought after speakers qualified to speak on any of the topics below and can customize content and programs specifically for your organization or audience.


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