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Market Readiness Assessment

Market Readiness AssessmentAre you ready for the Direct Selling Industry?  Your company may have been successful in other industries or channels but is it marketable and sustainable in this unique business environment?


DSXgroup executes a thorough Market Readiness Assessment to ensure your team’s comprehensive understanding of the industry, level sets expectations, reviews best practices for network & pipeline development and provides you the insights you need to effect immediate course corrections and shorten the business development lifecycle.


         Go-Live Readiness Assessment & Risk Mitigation

Once your new system is ready to launch or 'Go-Live'; it is prudent to execute a Readiness Assessment to re-evaluate potential risk issues and identify any red flags that may impact business operations.

Although issues may become evident soon after Go-Live, many take time to appear as various business processes complete their lifecycles. Identifying any potential red flags prior to 'flipping the switch' is the best way to mitigate or completely prevent serious issues from happening.

DSXgroup executes a pre-launch assessment of the critical business functions, functional requirements, continuity protocols and planned launch initiatives and compares them to defined system functionality and work flow processes expected post implementation.  Based on the assessment, DSXgroup will document any potential risks, red flags or other threat issues and provide client with recommended course of actions to mitigate risk and provide risk management oversight to ensure resolution.

Pricing, Packaging & Positioning

Price, Packaging & PositioningYou have an excellent service and robust solution. Great care has been taken to ensure the offering drives the right benefits, influences the right behaviors and perpetuates a long-term value for the client.


But are the price points right? Should it be modularized or packaged? Are you creating a position in the market, adopting, or adapting to one?


DSXgroup has deep experience and expertise in creating the right balance of Pricing, Packaging and Positioning for leading service and solution providers in the industry.  We will show you the lucrative and creative side of maximizing your offering and optimizing its position in the DS Market.  Increase your pipeline, generate more sales and drive accelerated revenue.


Product Development & Innovation

Leverage Innovation

By leveraging technology, market expertise, deep experience and innovative strategies; DSXgroup can help you define your path for product development and priorities for NexGen evolution to create greater functionality, tighter client-centric design, increased market share and competitive positioning.


Innovation can take several forms. From defining the next path of technology evolution, leveraging current capabilities for applicability in new market segments, or refining current functionality for tighter client-centric alignment. 


DSXgroup has significant experience evaluating solutions for applicability, marketability and sales within the direct selling industry and multichannel markets.  If you are preparing to enter the direct selling market, or you would like to explore the value your solution may represent in those markets; we can assist you in realizing your full potential. 


Client-Centric Services & Solutions Optimization

Client-Centric Optimization


Specifically, we know what the market opportunities are, what products or services are gaining momentum, how executives are buying and what they’re buying.

Our goal is to ensure your solution inherently contains the key attributes that enable your offering’s sale & marketability in the DS Market.  Many traditional marketing organizations and consultancies institute an approach that focuses sales messaging on features and benefits of products or services. By reengineering the traditional approach or current marketing program with an integrated business development process built with a core client-centric focus; DSXgroup creates and delivers superior value and performance for clients.



When we help a client with its strategic development process, our fundamental focus is on understanding current and emerging customer needs. Our ongoing research partnerships provide us with specific insights into emerging needs and support our development of innovative client-centric strategies for clients.  DSXgroup will provide you with critical industry insight and invaluable customer perspectives to position your company for success.


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