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FAQs - New Market Entry | Price Packaging Positioning | Direct Sales Market - DSXgroup, LLC



Q. Does DSXgroup provide services to start-up companies?
A. YES. Our prime directive is to offer leading-edge, client-centric business development services and solutions to companies in all phases of development to help them gain competitive advantage in the B2B space.

DSXgroup has significant experience in assisting companies in the start-up phase to establish: Vision, Mission, Business Strategy, Tactical Strategy, Customer Identification, Market Penetration, Lead Generation, Proposal Development, Sales Process Development and Marketing Operations.

In short, DSXgroup will assist you in doing things right the first time.
We save you money by presenting you with best-fit choices for your organization, and eliminate the need for you to spend precious, limited resources on reinventing the wheel.  
  • We help establish your market position and convey your unique value proposition and impact to your customers.
  • We can introduce you to prospective customers.
  • We shorten your time to market.
  • We shorten your sales cycle.
  • We accelerate your business through the start-up phase.
  • We help you hit the ground running with an effective, systematical business development process that assists you in achieving your immediate and long term revenue goals.


Q. Does DSXgroup accept long-term engagements?

A. YES. We are committed to our client's success. All our services and solutions are customized to the needs, requirements, and objectives of our clients. Periods of engagement are quantified by the scope of the project.


Q. Does DSXgroup offer customized services and solutions to clients?

A. YES. DSXgroup understands that each client's businesses are unique, and we must customize and tailor DSX services and solutions to address individual needs successfully, and effectively.

Q. Does DSXgroup provide consulting services on the West Coast?

A.YES. Although DSXgroup's corporate office is located on the east coast, we accept consulting and contract engagements throughout the U.S.


Q. Does DSXgroup offer seminars?

A. YES. DSXgroup does offer educational and training seminars to organizations of all sizes. For more information, please contact DSXgroup at: +1 (855) 379-4771 or email with a request for information using the following link: CONTACT FORM


Q. Can I meet with DSX representatives at industry tradeshows?

A. YES. DSXgroup executives and consultants frequently attend industry events and tradeshows. Please contact DSXgroup at: +1 (855) 379-4771 or subscribe to receive DSXgroup news and event information by email by using the following link: Subscribe to News

Q. Does DSXgroup provide tradeshow strategy consulting services?

A. YES. DSXgroup does provide specialized consulting and strategic planning with regard to executing successful and cost-effective company exhibitions at industry events and company sponsored "Invitation Only" forums.


Q. Do DSXgroup executives accept speaking engagements?

A. YES. DSXgroup does accept speaking engagements at conferences, exhibitions, industry forums, or company events. For more information, please contact DSXgroup at: +1 (855) 379-4771 or email with a request for information using the following link: CONTACT FORM