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Innovative Programs
Innovative ProgramsAt DSXgroup, we look for emerging technologies and lucrative opportunities to apply them in innovative ways to drive engagement, conversion and customer acquisition to accelerate revenue generation.


However, technologies, systems, solutions etc… cannot be deployed or implemented to drive desired results without program integration. Program integration is the process of developing and aligning focused programs with implemented solutions engineered to drive:


1. Adoption

2. Utilization

3. Dependency

4. Replicable Behaviors


When we work with you, program integration becomes a quantifiable part of your roadmap for successful solution implementation. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you make an immediate, measurable and positive impact to your bottom-line. 

Driving Engagement and Conversion through Gamification


The power and value of gamification within direct selling may be more capable of delivering unprecedented impact on conversion and network velocity than any other traditional approach today.


Systems and programs that incorporate innovative design mechanics provide enhanced reward/recognition triggers that fuel anticipation and motivation of users to stay the course to achieve performance overdrive and an ‘elite’ status among peers.


To stimulate new growth and accelerate conversion through technology and social marketing innovation; DSXgroup works with clients to:


Gamification in Programs and Technologya) Reengineer internal training, recruiting and sales programs to align processes with innovative applications


b) Move e-marketing initiatives from a content-driven to ‘conversion-focused’ perspective  


c) Optimize results of conversion intensive campaigns by integrating two key elements: Simplification and Gamification.


Our Keys for Changing the Game


Simplification is both a requirement and a byproduct of intuitive design.
The first step in driving more engagement and conversion begins with increasing User Adoption and system Utilization. Simplification and intuitive design minimizes the learning curve and reduces the barrier to adoption by eliminating unnecessary complexities. This enables users with ready access to applications they need most to drive success by focusing them on ‘what they should do’ rather than on ‘what they can do’.


Gamification is the design process that integrates mechanics of behavior and reward modification. This is by far the most exciting and promising area of system and program design for direct selling and reinforces Adoption and Utilization by promoting Dependency and Replicability.


Of the approximate 24 stages of game mechanics, we focus on the five that have the greatest potential for fueling performance, conversion results and accelerating growth for direct selling companies. Stages can be integrated independently or combined to drive NextGen levels of engagement, loyalty, influence and revenue.


Game Mechanics

DSXgroup Game Chart Quadranta) Achievements are virtual or physical representations of accomplishments that are often considered ‘locked’ until users have meet a series of tasks that are required to ‘unlock’ the achievement. Specifically with regard to direct selling; Achievements can be applied to any recruitment, retention or sales programs to motivate progression toward personal and downline accomplishments.


b) Behavioral Momentum is the tendency of users to keep doing what they have been doing. The key here is to integrate Behavioral Momentum mechanics to ensure adoption of best practices, continuity of progression and institute a pattern of replicable success.


c) Levels are part of a ‘system’ or ramp (much like direct selling compensation plans) in which users are rewarded with points, rewards or capabilities of increasing value. Leveling-up is one of the highest motivational components for gamers where features or ‘functionality’ is unlocked as users progress to a higher level.


DSXgroup Gamification Drives Network Growthd) Status is associated with rank or standing and users are often motivated to increase proficiency and effort to reach a more ‘elite’ status (similar to direct selling reward and recognition programs).


e) Virality is a gamification element that requires collaboration among multiple users and has a strong social component for getting others in on the action to accomplish a given task. Another important aspect that has the capability of raising peer performance levels and motivating social networks comprised of customers and prospects to drive recruitment and sales activity.


To learn more about gamification and how DSXgroup can assist your company with leveraging innovative game mechanics and design principles to differentiate your offerings and motivate behaviors into ‘performance overdrive’, please contact us at: DSXgroup Consulting