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Social Marketing Automation

Social Marketing Automation

It's less about what you have to do... and MORE about what you don't have to.


SMA Solutions combine the power of interactive video, digital media, social networking and advanced analytics to drive engagement, fuel sharing, increase conversion and improve productivity to accelerate sales and network growth.


We create and evolve socially-driven engagement marketing solutions from a true customer-centric perspective by leveraging industry best practices, technology innovation and aligning them with key business drivers of our clients to maximize conversion.


SMA Solutions are specifically engineered to increase productivity and network growth by automating lead generation and capture of qualified prospects from anywhere in the social media universe that have high probability of conversion.


RecruitSMART™, our flagship solution and core methodology, integrates results oriented Programs with Social eMedia Tools uniquely coordinated in the Social Marketing Automation™ Suite to drive automated lead generation and actionable reporting from qualified prospects.


Social Media & eCommunications Strategy

Social Media & e-communications Strategy

Social Media alone is not a strategy. Social Marketing Automation is.


Accelerate Lead Generation, New Customer Acquisition and Network Velocity from anywhere in the Social Media Universe. Digital media, combined with conversion-focused dynamic content designed to leverage social media distribution, ensures the right medium for the right channel and mitigates media fragmentation.


Integrate uniquely engineered programs to drive adoption, utilization and conversion with inbound marketing & social media marketing methodologies to drive revenue and growth for your company.  While some are still trying to figure out how to use Social Media; we are already helping clients drive ROI from it.


Innovative Lead Capture & Conversion Strategies

Lead Capture & Conversion Strategy

DSXgroup management has worked closely with many direct sales companies and other organizations in various markets to design and implement effective lead generation, capture and conversion strategies.

We advise DS Companies in the evaluation, development and implementation of strategic prospect capture and conversion programs to ensure they are content-driven, conversion focused and specifically designed to drive Call-to-Action ‘Reactions’.


Corporate-to-Field Communication Transparency

Corporate to Field Communication Transparency

There are many factors that can positively and negatively influence the delicate balance of corporate’s relationship with the field during a company’s lifecycle.

Factors with real or potential negative impact must be handled swiftly, honestly and openly to mitigate risks of tension, misperception, anger and possible attrition. These reactions are very common during periods when companies: Change Commission Plans or Compensation Structures; Miss Deadlines or Neglect to Fulfill Promises to the Field; Experience Quality Control or Product Delivery Issues; and when Systems Fail to Perform Due to Migration or Implementation Issues, Launch and/or Upgrade Delays, Project Failures, Vendor Problems and Missed Expectations.

If you are experiencing any of the issues above, they need to be addressed quickly, proactively and preemptively with the field before tensions escalate and cause irreparable damage to your reputation. DSXgroup can advise and work with you to establish a ‘Corporate-to-Field Communication Transparency’ program for preemptively communicating and addressing current and/or potential business issues to the field.

DSXgroup intervention will help you mitigate risk, attrition and negative perception of the field toward your company by reestablishing field stability and recapturing loyalty.



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