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Direct Selling Business Assessment

Direct Selling Association

We perform due diligence and business model assessments for Private Equity firms managing, or interested in investing in, direct selling companies.


When it comes to Direct Selling; we have a focus one inch wide and expertise a mile deep on both sides of the equation: Direct Selling Companies and Vendor Suppliers supporting the industry.


Specifically, we know what the market opportunities are, what products or services are gaining momentum, how executives are buying and what they’re buying. We make it our business to know how business is changing, what leading companies are doing and most importantly, what you should be doing to adapt to succeed. Our goal is to ensure your business inherently contains the key attributes of successful direct selling companies.


Our expertise is applied to domestic & international companies and has been leveraged to achieve: Business Model Optimization; Business & Technology Alignment; Turnaround; Project Success; Increased Recruitment; Retention, Revenue and Network Velocity. 

Direct Selling Channel Design & Optimization

The direct selling industry is no longer on the cusp of imminent change. It is in fact, currently in the process of evolution. How are the most successful, fastest growing direct selling companies staying competitive and continuing to drive network growth and revenue?


By streamlining Business Models; Optimizing Channel Design by Embracing Innovation; Implementing Conversion-focused Programs; and Leveraging Technology and Social Marketing Automation to Fuel Momentum & Growth.


Channel optimization involves honing and positioning every aspect of your business model, vertical channel strategy and suite of solutions with industry expectations, market KPIs and key business drivers focused on delivering a measurable impact on three core market vectors: Recruitment, Retention and Revenue.


What We Do: 

DSXgroup performs due diligence and business model assessments for Private Equity firms that are managing, or interested in investing in, direct selling companies. Direct Selling Business Model and individual business area assessments designed to review key departments, processes and drivers to identify current and potential issues that can or will contribute to slow growth, lack of momentum, field attrition, systems failure, negative impact on brand perception, etc...

Partner with client companies in an interim executive capacity to effect immediate change, positive impact and measurable results in situations where deep experience, expertise and zero learning curve are absolutely critical and essential to ensure success.

Execute a preemptive plan of corrective action and risk mitigation regarding identification of critical issues within the areas of: Organizational and Team Development, Sales, Marketing, IT, Order Fulfillment and Distribution.

Work in an advisory capacity with founders and executive management to manage and protect field perception and business growth in a multichannel business environment where the threat of channel conflict or cannibalization exists. 

We Know Direct Selling

DSXgroup Knows Direct Selling

Dynamic business environments and evolving market conditions are making it harder than ever for direct selling companies to gain competitive advantage through the traditional execution of existing recruitment and retention strategies.

While it is the intent of every direct selling company to grow quickly through successful recruiting initiatives; organizations need to be careful about counteracting field attrition issues beyond the normal lifecycle. 

Many companies experiencing fallout or above normal attrition levels tend to meet the problem with ramping-up accelerated growth initiatives rather than focusing on root cause and promoting field stability.

Positive trend, momentum and network velocity are predicated on reinstating field stability. Once stability is achieved, innovative social media and eCommunications programs can be leveraged to accelerate conversion and network velocity. 

When we help a client with its strategic development process, our fundamental focus is on understanding current and emerging customer needs. Our ongoing research partnerships provide us with specific insights into emerging needs and support our development of innovative client-centric strategies for clients. DSXgroup will provide you with critical industry insight and invaluable customer perspectives to position your company for success.

Organizing For Growth

Companies seeking to succeed in today’s market must be able to rapidly identify, mobilize, and modify existing processes and strategies to capture new growth opportunities.

By focusing on solution and program development that correlate with a client’s specific market strategy and organizational growth objective; DSXgroup assists clients with creating refined initiatives to capitalize on new opportunities to move the needle in critical business area where needed most.

Technology Alignment & Project Prioritization

DSXgroup Business & Technology Alignment

Are projects completed on time and on budget? Are projects still valid by the time you go-to-market?


DSXgroup has significant experience weeding through project portfolios to focus resources on high-priority initiatives. We help you refocus your objectives, cut costs, stay on track, achieve project success and align technology systems & solutions with key business initiatives. 

What We Do: 

Review and assess the IT organization, prioritization of projects, current service level agreements and vendor and/or service provider contracts to mitigate excessive costs & spending.
Incorporate cost control measures, renegotiate agreements and reassess project priorities and performance as necessary to bring IT resources and expenses into alignment.

Assess and implement business & technology strategy to ensure IT’s capability to scale and support business growth and potential channel or international expansion initiatives.

Define business and technology needs specifically to support hyper-growth ahead of the momentum curve. 

Vendor & Systems Selection

Vendor and Systems Selection

Three simple truths:

1. The solution one company uses is not necessarily the right solution for another.

2. There is not one solution or system that does it all very well.

3. Technology by itself- no matter how sophisticated, is only half the equation.

Every year the ranks of direct selling services and technology providers are swelling with new, and not so new, technology offerings. What are the available technologies? Which vendor or solution is right for you? Should you build it, buy it or outsource it?


DSXgroup will help you choose the right vendor and solution by assessing your needs, defining your requirements, mapping them to resources, leading the vendor selection & negotiation process and providing risk and implementation oversight to ensure success.


Our comprehensive assessments evaluate software solutions with an emphasis on the following:


· Product, Packaging & Positioning

· Sales & Marketing

· Business Development & Account Expansion

· UVP & Differentiating Characteristics

· Competitive Landscape & SWOT Profile

· Technology, Scalability, Functionality and Path of Evolution

· Corporate Admin & User Experience

· UI, intuitiveness and Ease of Use

· Time-to-Market & Implementation Methodology

· Client Account & Engagement Management Philosophy

· SLAs and Customer Service Support


What We Do: 

Lead executive teams in adequately defining business requirements prior to executing vendor & systems selection processes for technology solutions.

Execute the vendor & systems selection process based on defined requirements and lead contract negotiation for chosen solution.
Provide implementation risk oversight and vendor relationship management to ensure client expectations are met, vendor performs and adheres to agreed upon timeline and milestones and successful deployment is achieved.




Social Media & eCommunications Strategy

Social Marketing Automation

Social Media is not a conversion strategy...  Social Marketing Automation is.


Accelerate Lead Generation, New Customer Acquisition and Network Velocity from anywhere in the Social Media Universe.  Digital media, combined with conversion-focused dynamic content designed to leverage social media distribution, ensures the right medium for the right channel and mitigates media fragmentation.


Integrate uniquely engineered programs to drive adoption, utilization and conversion with inbound marketing & social media marketing methodologies to drive revenue and growth for your company.


Accelerated Lead Generation & Conversion

Accelerated Lead Generation and Conversion

Engaging DSXgroup to develop a Business Development Strategy & Framework customer-centrically designed for your company to penetrate the DSA market will provide the critical foundation, experience and processes for you to: Accelerate market penetration; Engage in prioritized prospect interaction and pipeline development; Manage the sales cycle effectively to cultivate new opportunities; Focus and align Product Development to prioritize projects and create business-driven solutions with high-value ROI correlated to new market requirements.


With an effective business development, product positioning and up-sell strategy; Your company should be readily capable of expanding its client portfolio to include additional DSA member companies and increase revenue from existing clients by driving product utilization and integrating value-add ROI focused capabilities through strategic partnerships. Additionally, DSXgroup can assist with creative pricing model adjustments that have the potential to yield additional increases in overall revenue and new subscription revenues to further enhance your company’s bottom-line.


Establishing proper market position with credibility and a refined value proposition in a finite, niche marketplace will be invaluable to your company’s short and long term plan for success.  

Interim Executive Management

Interim Executive Management

While increasing revenue and profit is every company's objective, situations sometimes merit an immediate "change" or "positive intervention" that cannot be achieved internally due to a variety of factors.


Potential causes could be a reflection of: Restructuring, Organizational Misalignment, Executive Decision, Position Vacancy, High Turnover, Ineffective Business Development Processes, Increased Competition, Decreased Sales Volume, Lack of Customer Retention, or many 'other' existing or impending issues.


We are here to help you get back on track by assuming responsibility and applying our expertise in the areas of: Product Innovation; New Market Development; Pricing, Packaging and Positioning; Business Development and Client Engagement Management.


DSXgroup will augment your team in an interim executive capacity, assimilate quickly and will work with you to effect course correction and deliver immediate measurable impact while mitigating risk.

Turnaround & Business Advisor


We bring significant management and technology experience to our Direct Sales Industry clients to assist in turning around serious business issues created by: System Failures, Project Delays, Escalating Implementation Risks, Management Vacancy and Vendor Relationship problems.


We work hands-on with executive management to assess the situation, develop a turnaround plan and implement an immediate course of corrective action to stabilize the situation and get business back on track.


If you are experiencing any of the issues, they need to be addressed proactively before business losses and field tensions escalate to the point of fueling field attrition, negative perception and causing irreparable damage to your reputation. DSXgroup intervention will help you plot a solution and mitigate risk to achieve business stability.


At DSXgroup, we are all about maintaining effective client relationships to promote successful engagements. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, approaching each engagement with a focus on bringing value.

DSXgroup management remains actively involved in each engagement from inception to conclusion and treats all issues with discretion and confidentiality.