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Interim Executive Management

Interim Executive Management

While increasing revenue and profit is every company's objective, situations sometimes merit an immediate "change" or "positive intervention" that cannot be achieved internally due to a variety of factors.


Potential causes could be a reflection of: Restructuring, organizational misalignment, executive decision, position vacancy, high turnover, ineffective business development processes, increased competition, decreased sales volume, lack of customer retention, or many 'other' existing or impending issues.


For whatever reason; we are here to help you get back on track by assuming responsibility and applying our expertise in the areas of: Product Innovation; New Market Development; Pricing, Packaging and Positioning; Business Development and Client Engagement Management.


DSXgroup will augment your team in an interim executive capacity, assimilate quickly and will work with you to effect course correction and deliver immediate measurable impact while mitigating risk.


Accelerated Pipeline Development

Accelerated Sales Pipeline Development

Engaging DSXgroup to develop a Business Development Strategy & Framework customer-centrically designed for your company to penetrate the DSA market will provide the critical foundation, experience and processes for you to:  Accelerate market penetration; Engage in prioritized prospect interaction and pipeline development; Manage the sales cycle effectively to cultivate new opportunities; Focus and align Product Development to prioritize projects and create business-driven solutions with high-value ROI correlated to new market requirements.


With an effective business development, product positioning and up-sell strategy; Your company should be readily capable of expanding its client portfolio to include additional DSA member companies and increase revenue from existing clients by driving product utilization and integrating value-add ROI focused capabilities through strategic partnerships. Additionally, DSXgroup can assist with creative pricing model adjustments that have the potential to yield additional increases in overall revenue to further enhance your company’s bottom-line.


Establishing proper market position with credibility and a refined value proposition in a finite, niche marketplace will be invaluable to your company’s short and long term plan for success.  


Channel Development & Penetration Strategy 

Direct Sales Channel StrategyBuilding business and penetrating the $120B Direct Selling Industry is exciting, rewarding and requires inside knowledge to succeed.


Developing a market within the DS industry is an endeavor unlike any other. Relationships are everything and honesty, integrity and client-centric UVPs are critical attributes for engaging leading companies in the business development process.


We have significant expertise in building domestic and international positions for solution providers within the DSA (Direct Selling Association).


We can help you navigate a path to a faster Time to Market and raise your probability of achieving success, market penetration and pipeline development by surgically focusing your business strategy and through effective leverage of our global network.


Business Development Outsourcing

Business Development Outsourcing

Due to the various sales cycles, buying patterns and changing regimes in the executive ranks at prospective companies; it is prudent for your company to leverage professional sales resources with the critical expertise and zero learning curve necessary to infuse positive momentum and measureable results in the immediate business development process.


To maximize ROI and to realize your full potential for success, the business development initiative should be co-managed and led by a seasoned team with a proven record of market success and a highly accessible C-level network in place.


Consequently, your company will be in the best possible position to mitigate risk and the threat of improper exposure or representation from new hires (or other sales personnel) that may lack the necessary credibility, expertise and/or network viability to succeed in this unique market. 


How We Work With You:

As a firm, DSXgroup specializes in all aspects of the business development process to put your company in the best possible position to increase revenue and grow your customer base. 

DSXgroup works with clients on a pay-for-performance and retainer basis. The cost of retaining DSXgroup is typically less than the cost of hiring one full-time business development executive. Engaging DSXgroup will save your company considerable expense, maximize investment dollars, increase results and shorten your go-to-market timeline while accelerating pipeline development.
Our proactive business development solutions combine the significant, real-world experience of DSX professionals with the latest intelligence on industry trends, client-centric sales & marketing methodologies and product-value positioning strategies, to help you increase revenue, shorten your sales-cycle and gain an accelerated competitive advantage in your marketplace.

The value DSXgroup delivers to your organization is measured by the immediate and long-term benefits you realize through the adoption and execution of our expert advice, successful strategies, programs and process improvements- focused and dedicated to achieving a single goal: Increasing Your Revenue.


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