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Interim Executive Management

Interim Executive Management

While increasing revenue and profit is every company's objective, situations sometimes merit an immediate "change" or "positive intervention" that cannot be achieved internally due to a variety of factors.


Potential causes could be a reflection of: Restructuring, organizational misalignment, executive decision, position vacancy, high turnover, ineffective business development processes, increased competition, decreased sales volume, lack of customer retention, or many 'other' existing or impending issues.


For whatever reason; we are here to help you get back on track by assuming responsibility and applying our expertise in the areas of: Product Innovation; New Market Development; Pricing, Packaging and Positioning; Business Development and Client Engagement Management.


DSXgroup will augment your team in an interim executive capacity, assimilate quickly and will work with you to effect course correction and deliver immediate measurable impact while mitigating risk.


Account Development & Engagement Management

Account Development & Engagement Strategy

Effective account development and engagement management is predicated on the ability for solution providers to create and nurture mutually rewarding relationships with clients.
To develop a strong foundation for account development, companies need to apply their knowledge about the needs and unique challenges their target market presents and offer a unique value proposition with differentiating characteristics that clearly illustrate the value and strategic advantage a partnership represents to clients.
DSXgroup assists clients with mapping, developing and implementing an account management & penetration strategy prior to pursuit of the business development process. Often, technology or service providers engage prospects through the IT department due to the nature of the offering. We assist clients by evolving and positioning the offering to ensure it lands on the corporate agenda.


Most projects and vendor/customer relationships do not fail due to technology or poor system performance. The lack of relationship, infrequent communications, breakdown in expectations and often- poor client/customer service generally becomes the catalyst for clients to seek new partners.
It is not enough simply to have an account and engagement management process in place; but it is absolutely critical to have an expert Client Relationship/Engagement Management Executive on board who speaks the same business and technical language of the client and is diligent in setting and managing expectations to ensure project success.

DSXgroup can work with you in an interim capacity to improve client relationships, lead effective engagements and turnaround critical situations that demand intervention and immediate results.


Strategic Partnership & Joint Venture Development

Strategic Partnership and Joint Venture Development

Ensure your Strategic Partnerships drive Increased Sales & Revenue.

Build partnerships that drive new revenue and improve your ability to
deliver an integrated offering to your clients.
  • 1. Maintain and develop margins through a clearly differentiated approach
  • 2. Identify where to make investments in strategic partnerships and measure the returns
  • 3. Identify emerging competitors, particularly those not on the current "radar screen"
  • 4. Build a cohesive partner strategy that drives business value for all parties
  • 5. Develop strategies for the effective management of cooperate/compete relationships

    Client Relationship Management

    Client Relationship Management

    Beginning, building and nurturing successful relationships are keys to maintaining an effective retention strategy.


    Sometimes accounts get in trouble. Costs are too high, customer service is weak, client relationship isn’t as strong as it should be, competitors are threatening your incumbency, or other reasons perhaps still unclear.

    Through appropriate levels of engagement
    and transparency of communication; DSXgroup can assist you with improved retention and internal account development to expand your business relationship and project pipeline.



    Turnaround and Advisory

    We bring significant management and technology experience to our Direct Sales Industry clients to assist in turning around serious business issues created by: System Failures, Project Delays, Escalating Implementation Risks, Management Vacancy and Vendor Relationship problems.


    We work hands-on with executive management to assess the situation, develop a turnaround plan and implement an immediate course of corrective action to stabilize the situation and get business back on track.


    If you are experiencing any of the issues, they need to be addressed proactively before business losses and field tensions escalate to the point of fueling field attrition, negative perception and causing irreparable damage to your reputation. DSXgroup intervention will help you plot a solution and mitigate risk to achieve business stability.


    At DSXgroup, we are all about service and maintaining effective client relationships to promote successful engagements. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, approaching each engagement with a focus on bringing value. DSXgroup management remains actively involved in each engagement from inception to conclusion and treats all issues with discretion and confidentiality.  


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